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A lot of RPGs like to take a fast and loose hack-and-slash approach to fighting, but while mindless swinging can always be AN answer, it isn’t always the BEST answer. Variations of Combat based on your Weapon type and the skills you've learned can lead to a much more rewarding fight -- not to mention a better outcome! You won’t have room for buckets of swords and armor in your pack, so knowing your skills and your strengths becomes much more important for a successful encounter. Over time, we want to expand on this idea and utilize real combat physics within TUG, to allow for dynamic and engaging battles.

And that’s just the start... where we’re at right now. As we spend more time and layer more complexity into the combat system, we’ll build both fun and skill into play. Anyone will be able to just swing away, but someone who learns the rhythms and really masters the ins and the outs of their weapon and combat skills will have a clear advantage in a fight. TUG will be using a skill-based system where timing, not mashing, determines the outcome of your battles. You’ll raise your shield in time to block that killer blow, but don’t hold it too long or you’ll lose your advantage. You’ll string together quick hits with your dagger and unlock awesome flourish attacks, or maybe you’ll strike slow and true with your massive flamberge and watch your opponents stagger away from the blows.

But most importantly, in keeping with our philosophy about our players being integral to our design, we’ll learn how and why you enjoy combat best, and then we’ll take that knowledge to build features that will make the parts you like even better!