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Farming in TUG creates a Harvestable which can then be reproduced as many times as you want. Currently in Early Access, only a handful of fruits and vegetables can be farmed, but in the future other resources will be cultivated.

Seeds[edit | edit source]

You obtain Plant Seeds by eating a fruit or vegetable (hold it in your hand and right click) which refills your Energy and Health too. Or you extract them in a Workspace. The exception is the Cabbage Trap Seeds which are produced via Alchemy. You can obtain seeds from

Fields & Planting[edit | edit source]

You need to find a feasible area - typically a flat patch of dirt, grass or a spot of mud - which is tilled with a Hoe. Seeds must be planted 4 voxel apart from any object - dropped items etc block planting. To plant a seed hold it in your hand and right click the tilled ground. The seed is consumed and a plant starts growing. The plant will need a while to mature but then produces consistently if not destroyed. If you plant a seed in caves or such (no day light), they will produce sprouts but not mature.

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