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The Survival Mode

TUG other wise known as The Untitled Game, is currently this sort of amorphous blob that has the potential to be anything the creators and public wish it to be. So of course it probably comes as no surprise that some phases of testing will require more formats than just creative tools. As such Survival Games is the first example of that.

So what are these Survival Games?[edit | edit source]

The earliest forms of these games will be a sort of free-for-all, last man standing battle royale where small groups of people will be pitted against one another on small, randomly generated maps. Early rules are simple... Survive. There will be crude crafting of scavenged tools and armor, and resources to obtain in the map to help you accomplish your goals. Expect a bit of luck to factor into your wins and losses, as you may happen upon an abundance of useful materials, or stumble into the den of a beast who finds Seeds quite tasty. And in these matches, there is no room for mistakes: when you're dead, you're dead. So tread carefully, and be wary of even temporary alliances... for to the victor, the spoils go.

Stats will be simple and combat may be a bit wonky in the early phases as well, and some of the more “hardcore” design philosophies that are the bedrock Survival servers will be applied for these early phase matches. No name handles, no global chat, and dead is dead. Expect some serious trolling from us in these matches, for the cause of science!

As a matter of fact, not only CAN you mod these matches on your own, but it is encouraged! The more methods we can test against each other, the deeper the understanding we can all gain. This better equips the developers to make informed decisions as they move towards their end goal of more massive servers and maps where large-scale adventure and exploration exist on Survival and Adventure servers.

As new animations are added, look for new additions of creatures, tools, and systems for these Survival maps into the game, since they will still feed into the main TUG game as well.