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TUG sits at the crossroads where survival sandbox and multiplayer RPGs meet, offering both elegant simplicity and a world of complex secrets for those who desire to seek them out. The gameplay focuses on Crafting, Exploration, PVP, and role-playing, with an emphasis on immersion and player freedom.

Begin your journey as a Seedling, a race of humanoid beings with special crystals on their hands enabling them to interface with the strange energies and ancient secrets in the world around them. TUG offers a massive procedurally-generated World to explore, full of mystery and danger, with Creatures here and there. How will you and your friends harness these powerful Tools to build a new world?

TUG has been in development for over a year and the developers realize that building their own Game Engine takes up a lot of time. They wish to implement these features before they launch TUG early next year in 2015. They decided to release this early because the players feedback, ideas, and thoughts means everything to them in this early stage. They wouldn't be here without the community so please get involve and let them know how they can make TUG fun for you. They are committed to launching gameplay updates every 4-6 weeks and hotfix patches occasionally.

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